Your Guide to British Columbia's Online Casinos in 2022

Alongside the forests and the mountains, the province is home to some of the best gambling in Canada. Canadian players can now enjoy some top gaming online in British Columbia as well.

In British Columbia, any Canadian over the age of 19 is able to gamble, whether at a physical or online casino. Best of all, winnings from gambling are tax-free.

There are 17 land-based casinos in BC offering real money roulette, slots and blackjack, but what about an online casino? British Columbia players from Vancouver to Richmond can also enjoy their favourite games on the net too. Luckily, in 2022 there are more great places to have the best casino experience in British Columbia. Thanks to top sites like our team's best recommendation, Bet365 online casino games are more accessible to players in the province than ever before.

BC players will enjoy:

  • Industry-leading sports betting 
  • Full featured games to play
  • Excellent variety of casinos to choose from
  • The fast and easy startup process
  • Local casinos that offer online services as well
  • Quick withdrawal and deposit times

Our Top Recommended British Columbia Online Casinos

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Enjoying Online Gambling in BC


With 17 land based casinos and dozens of online locations, BC players are spoilt for choice.

British Columbia, like some other provinces, has pursued their own gaming regulation to try to combat overseas sites.

BC, under the guidance of the British Columbia Lottery Commission (BCLC), now has its very own casino online. BC online casinos offer lottery, poker, bingo and casino games to Canadians in the province.

You can play with and against other British Columbians and also against players in Quebec (another province with its own individual gaming options).

What Makes a Top BC Online Casino

With the state-run online casino, British Columbia offers some good gaming opportunities, although you might feel the choice is a little restrictive. But don't worry, there are literally dozens and dozens of top Internet gaming rooms open, so just pick your casino. Online British Columbia players from Surrey to Burnaby are spoilt for choice in 2022.

An online casino BC gamers can enjoy fully should have a wide range of games available at stakes to suit all wallets, plus deposit methods you want. Some of the best gambling rooms accept CA dollars straight off the bat so you can avoid any annoying exchange rate issues on your real cash.

Furthermore, everyone wants to get their winnings quick, and that's why at you will find the fastest cashouts in all of Canada. There's no need to hang about for your roulette winnings. Just use our trusted rooms and cut out the waiting game altogether.

British Columbia Interesting Facts

  • 1
    British Columbia has the longest frost-free periods in the entire country.
  • 2
    A quarter of all North American grizzly bears are found in British Columbia.
  • 3
    Successful poker pro, Matt Jarvis, hails from Surrey, BC.

Offering Top Live Casino Experiences

As well as great Internet gambling, BC boasts some of Canada's best live gambling establishments too. Whether it's the River Rock Casino Resort in Richmond or the Lake City chain across the province, Canadians are never short of a place to go to get their fix.

BC has produced some world-class poker pros over the years, with many Canadians from the region going on to take down WSOP and WPT titles.

It's worth noting that to gamble in BC you have to be 19 or over. This differs slightly to the 18 age limit imposed in other Canada provinces.

British Columbia's Mobile Casinos

There's something special about gaming with mobile devices that makes online gambling feel very easy to do. You can access the games you want to play in mere moments from anywhere there is a strong Internet connection. That means you can literally play in a coffee shop, at a friend's house or anywhere else that you like as long as you have a tablet and a smartphone in British Columbia.

Mobile casinos in BC can be enjoyed on most smartphones or tablets using either apps or a mobile web browser. Your options will depend on what device you have and where you play, but there are benefits to using apps and using the browser. With apps you can connect more quickly and easily, with the browser you keep your device clear.

  • iPhone - If you own an iPhone in BC you can easily play at most mobile casinos using apps or a browser.
  • iPad - An iPad is one of the best online gambling devices and will work with most apps and smartphones.
  • Samsuny Galaxy - The Samsung Galaxy is accepted at most BC online casino sites with mobile support and you can expect to use apps or a mobile browser most of the time.
  • Fire Tablet - The Fire Tablet is more difficult to use with apps, but works readily with most mobile browser casinos.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What gaming options are available to residents of and visitors to British Columbia?

British Columbians and visitors have a wide range of gaming activities to participate in at their discretion. Players can enjoy lotteries, slots and electronic machine gaming, casino table games, horse racing and officially sanctioned events like 50/50 draws.

How many casino gaming options are available in British Columbia?

If you're looking to bet the river or battle with a one-armed bandit, you have a choice of 17 casinos offering a wide range of gaming options.

Are there any special rewards programs available at British Columbia casino sites?

Definitely. All BC casinos share the Encore Rewards program that will reward frequent players. This program can be signed up for at the official BC Lottery Commission website. It offers a membership with different levels. At each level a player will receive points that can be cashed in for free play.

What is British Columbia's largest casino destination?

The biggest (in size) casino has to be the River Rock Casino Resort. In addition to over 70,000 sq. ft. of gaming space, including over 1000 slots and over 100 table games, River Rock Casino Resort boasts 396 rooms and a 144-berth marina.

What is the tax status of my casino winnings in British Columbia?

Great news! Your real cash casino winnings here are tax-free.

What is British Columbia's legal gambling age?

You must be 19 years of age in order to enter a casino's gaming areas in the province.

Find a Top Casino British Columbia Site in 2022

The early pioneers in BC were expert trackers, and chances are they would have been excellent at sniffing out a top online casino. British Columbia players have access to some of the best websites on the Internet. Luckily we have done the hard work for you, so it'll take you no time at all to find the perfect site for you.

Our Canadian team of gambling experts has tried and tested all the online gaming opportunities in the region to ensure you are playing at a top casino online. Having seen some fantastic innovations in casino software, including the development of accessible mobile and smartphone apps for gamers, we're very excited about the online casino scene in British Columbia for 2022.

Have a look through our recommended links for the best places to play roulette, slots or craps. Once you've made your choice, sign up with an exclusive bonus code for the chance to win hundreds of C$ in the real money games.

The Best Casinos in British Columbia

Starlight Casino

The Starlight has a casino floor measuring 105,000 sq. ft. with over 1000 slot machines, 45 gaming tables and 8 poker tables. Visitors must be 19 years old to enter.

  • 350 Gifford St, New Westminster, British Columbia
  • (604) 777-2946
  • The casino is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Starlight Casino

Hard Rock Casino Vancouver

This destination casino has over 100,000 sq. ft. of gaming area including over 1000 slots over 50 table games, live off-track betting and 3 dedicated poker rooms. You must be 19 years or older to enter.

  • 2080 United Boulevard, Coquitlam, British Columbia
  • (604) 523-6888
  • The casino is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Hard Rock Casino

Grand Villa Casino

Grand Villa Casino has 40,000 sq. ft. of gaming space featuring over 1100 gaming machines and 48 gaming tables. Dedicated poker room and a high-stakes VIP room. Visitors must be 19 years old to enter the Grand Villa Casino.

  • 4331 Dominion Street, Burnaby, British Columbia
  • (604) 436-2211
  • The casino is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Grand Villa Casino

Looking to try out a local casino?

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