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Whatever country you’re playing from, will get you to the greatest online and land-based local casinos. We are the number one authority for real money gambling. Trusted, respected, and fair, offers players a world casino list unrivaled by any other online casino reviews site. In this hub we've collected the work of our global team of reviewers so you can easily find a casino near you.

Our team tirelessly performs detailed groundwork, research, and data crunching to create insightful, unbiased reviews. Utilizing various criteria, including the quality of the games being offered, licensing, special promotions, bonuses, and return to player rates, we determine where players are most likely to have the best local or online casino experience.

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What We Expect A Casino to Offer You

Our mission is to locate the best real money casinos around the world. In fulfilling this mission, we consider various aspects that make for an engaging, fun-filled, and memorable casino experience. Included are these key features:

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    The Best and Widest Selection of Games

    We find players the best casino games in the world. Whether you love slots, blackjack, roulette, or any other game, they will be well run, perform without a hitch, offer an exciting experience, and payout at a fair rate. Most importantly, you'll always get the best variety of games.

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    Plenty of Free Games

    Although you won’t find free games at your land-based local casino, you will be able to play them at many online casinos. We like sites with free games for two reasons. The first is that free play allow players to learn how a game works without any risk. The second is when you have access to free games, you can have a good time with or with cash.

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    Top Bonuses and Promotions

    Bonuses and promotions can really help to enrich any player’s gambling experience, giving their bankroll more clout and granting them more time and enjoyment at their favorite slot, card or table game, of video poker machine.

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    Speed and Ease of Use

    If an online casino plays flawlessly or if the land-based croupiers are smooth and professional, play proceeds at a brisk pace, keeping the player engaged and entertained. This is an essential part of any gaming adventure. Additionally, ease of use with online play by making games accessible and simple to understand and control ensures that the player stays connected.

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    Casinos for Every Kind of Player

    You may be interested in playing at one of your top local casinos or a top-notch online casino or at both. Whatever the case may be, has a casino that is just right for you, because we are able to find and recommend casinos for every type of player.

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Rating Casinos in Your Area

We want to make sure that every visitor to can easily locate and play at a reputable, fair, and well-run online casino. Our rating process involves five steps, each of which is designed to ensure that any casino in our shortlist is of the highest quality – so you can enjoy the best gaming experience possible.

Our Five-Step Process

  1. Vetting Licencing and Regulation

    All of the casinos that we recommend are verified by at least one global gaming regulator. We ensure that the casino’s licencing is up to date, and that they are frequently regulated by a qualified government agency.

  2. Evaluation of Services, Safety, and Security

    Our team rates casinos for fairness and trust, customer satisfaction and safety and security, including making sure online casinos use 128-bit SSL encryption software designed to offer ultimate protection of your information.

  3. Assess Quality and Variety of Games

    Our team considers the variety and quality of games offered by land-based and online casinos. We look for casinos that feature a range of games, including variants of popular games such as roulette, blackjack, and baccarat. Software-driven and real games must perform well, dealers must be professional and courteous, and recommended casinos must keep players engaged.

  4. Confirm RTP and Review Banking Process

    We check and confirm RTP rates, review banking services, including withdrawal procedures and times, and interact with customer support to assure their competence and quality of service. We know how important each of these aspects is to having a premium casino experience.

  5. Analysis of Bonuses, Promotions and VIP Programs

    Our staff compares bonuses, promotions, and VIP programs to ensure that they benefit players. We are always conscientious of play-through requirements, as unreasonable rollover amounts can negate the power of a bonus. We also carefully check VIP programs and special promotions to determine the actual benefits they offer players.

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    Final Rating and Approval of Casino

    Throughout the above process, our team plays the site hard, clocking up hours of gameplay, interacting with casino personnel, and using bonus offers and special promotions. With this direct experience, we rate the casino in each of the five steps on a scale of 1 to 10, dividing the total by five to get the gaming room’s overall score. Only those casinos that score the highest are included in our list of featured, recommended casinos.

Who Rates The Casinos in Your Location? is lucky to have a dedicated team who together possess over 100 years of active experience in the areas of casino management, customer service, dealing, game assessment, and gambling. Along with a vast amount of knowledge about the industry, each member of the group brings a unique perspective.

    KATIE BARLOWE Head of Casino Game Quality Assurance

    Once a croupier in an Atlantic City casino, Katie now heads up our Quality Assurance Team. She prides herself on knowing the latest in eCOGRA and GLI testing standards and puts her personal stamp on every casino review we do. In her spare time, Katie likes to travel abroad and hunt down the best casinos around the world.

    KEVIN HORRIDGE Head of Casino Security Checks & Banking

    A self-titled ‘casino nerd’, Kevin knows more about cybersecurity than anyone we know. He previously had a successful career in online banking following two degrees in both Information and Computer Science. When he’s not devising security testing methods, you can find him growing his own vegetables in Oxfordshire, England.

    SAMANTHA BECKETT Head of Bonus & Promo Evaluation

    Samantha loves finding bargains. She’s got the brain of a mathematician and knows how to quickly determine which promotions, bonuses and VIP programs offer real value, and which are best to avoid. Well-seasoned in hunting down offers, Sam knows the real thing when she sees it.

Why You Can Trust Our Reviews is devoted to making sure that people who enjoy real money online gambling or who want to play at local casinos can do so with the confidence that they are gambling at a casino that is fair, fun, and secure.

All of our trustworthy casinos are:

  • Licensed and regulated by bonafide, independent agencies
  • Audited by gaming organizations such as eCOGRA
  • Have software, games, and dealers are all of the highest quality
  • Include top-notch customer support
  • Provide the best security and are deemed safe and fair
  • Offer numerous banking methods and process deposits and withdrawals quickly
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Who are

We are a group of unbiased casino-industry professionals who have been getting players to great casinos, and offering them free reviews, tips, and guides, for more than 20 years. Since 1995, has been growing and maturing with the online casino industry and have helped thousands of players find the best casinos.

We love researching, evaluating, and reviewing land-based and online casinos with the goal of enabling every gambler the opportunity to enjoy their game of choice. We believe that players should have every opportunity to enjoy quality gaming experiences. Those who have used our pages have won more than $34 million.

Whats the difference between an online casino vs a land based casino?

One basic difference is accessibility in that online casinos may be enjoyed from your computer, phone, or tablet, while playing at a brick and mortar gaming room involves traveling to the casino and often spending money on food and lodging. In addition, the vast majority or games at online casinos are software-driven, although most Internet casinos do offer some live dealer games, while a vast majority of the table and card games at land-based casinos are run by real dealers. Another major difference involves the return to player (RTP) on slots, which ranges from 89% to 99% online and from 75% to 88% at a land-based casino.

Can you help me find a casino near me?

Yes, can help you locate a great casino that is near you. To do so simply click on the icon on this page for your region, and you’ll be taken to a page that is dedicated to registered and legal local land-based and online casinos located in your geographic area.

Are online and local casinos trustworthy?

Every casino that is featured on one of our casino pages has been carefully vetted for safety, fairness, security, and trustworthiness.

Which casino games have the best odds?

Blackjack (from 1.5%), baccarat (1.5%), craps (1.4%-5%), and European Roulette (2.5%) all offer low house edges. Online slots also have a low house edge that can be as small as 1%-2%.

Can I find casino tournaments locally?

Yes, many of your local casinos offer tournaments with most focusing on blackjack.

What casino bonuses and promos can I expect?

Online casinos offer players first deposit and reload bonuses, cash back promotions, special contests, and free spins. Both brick and mortar and online casinos usually have some sort of VIP program that offers points that may be redeemed for free merchandise, travel and lodging, or gaming cash.