2022’s Latest Freeroll Poker Tournaments and Passwords

Join online poker freerolls to win real money while practicing poker. Our experts have reviewed the best poker rooms and secured exclusive freeroll passwords for you. By winning on freerolls, you can earn cash online for free. Find out here how freeroll poker really is free, check out strategy tips for winning, and get our weekly passwords.

What does freeroll mean in poker?

An online poker freeroll is a no buy-in poker tournament that’s free to play but offers a real money (or equivalent) prize.

Casino.org’s Latest Poker Freeroll Passwords

Our schedule has information and passwords for our exclusive $50 freeroll tournaments on:

  • PokerStars
  • Unibet
  • 888poker

Passwords are revealed on our social media pages at certain times every week.

Poker Room Freeroll Value When Where Visit
Poker Room
Poker Stars Casino Logo Freeroll Value $50 When Freeroll every day at 16:00 ET Where Password posted on Facebook Visit https://www.facebook.com/casinoorg/
Unibet Casino Logo Freeroll Value $50 When Freeroll every Monday at 19:00 GMT Where Password posted on Facebook Visit https://www.facebook.com/casinoorg/
Unibet Casino Logo Freeroll Value $50 When Freeroll every Saturday at 19:00 GMT Where Password posted on Twitter Visit https://twitter.com/Casino_Org
888 Poker Freeroll Freeroll Value $50 When Freeroll every Tuesday at 15:00 ET Where Password posted on Twitter Visit https://twitter.com/Casino_Org
888 Poker Freeroll Freeroll Value $50 When Freeroll every Thursday at 15:00 ET Where Password posted on Twitter Visit https://twitter.com/Casino_Org

What is a Freeroll Poker Tournament?

Freerolls are poker tournaments that are free to enter but offer real money prizes. Newbies to online poker are often surprised to learn about the existence of poker freerolls, since letting players compete for free to win real money seems to be at odds with the house always winning.

You asked...

Where did the term freeroll come from?

We answered...

It’s believed that the term freeroll originated in the 1950s in land-based casinos in Las Vegas, where guests would be given a free roll of coins to hit the slots when checking in. By giving them a taste upon arrival, the casino hoped their guests would want to continue playing and spend their own money.

Isabella de Souza Game Expert, Poker
You asked...

What can I win in a freeroll?

We answered...

Almost all major poker rooms host online freeroll poker games. Some are more regular than others, so it’s often possible for players to take part in several freeroll tournaments to win a real money prize on any given day. Prizes typically come in the form of a sum of money, but may also take the form of merchandise or tournament entry tickets.

Samantha Beckett Head of Bonus and Promo Evaluation

Are Poker Freerolls Really Free?

In a word, yes! Some freerolls require you to spend loyalty points or do something on social media in order to gain entry. In many cases though, taking part is as simple as selecting the relevant option in your chosen online poker room.

Freerolls were traditionally used to attract new players, so some sites will only allow players who have recently signed up to take part. For others you might have to play a certain number of paid hands per month to be eligible.

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Casino.org’s Poker Freeroll Factfile

Join around


Casino.org users in each freeroll tournament


of prize money given away annually

We run 7 exclusive freerolls weekly, or


per year!

Exclusive passwords posted

2 hours

before the event

How to Choose the Best Poker Freerolls

We have perfected our 25-step reviews process over the years, with our experts following a strict criteria when rating poker sites and the freerolls they offer. The team are extremely skilled in crafting reviews that show you just how good a poker freeroll site really is.


Availability and frequency

All sites offer bonuses and promotions aimed at online poker players but these can take forms other than freerolls, such as reload bonuses or tournament entry at reduced prices. The sites we highlight on this page always boast plenty of freeroll tournaments, as well as a wide variety of games.


Fairness and security

A poker freeroll could have the best cash prize you’ve ever seen, but if you don’t have a real chance of winning it, there’s no point in playing. We make sure that the cards are always stacked fairly before we ever recommend a site.

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Mobile gaming options

Although it won’t be essential for everybody, it’s important for a poker site to allow mobile users to take part in freeroll tournaments. Some sites will even let you hand off from your laptop or desktop to smartphone or tablet mid-game. We have also rated the best mobile casinos for all your other gaming needs.


Fast payouts

Just imagine - you win a freeroll tournament and use the prize money to hit the tables. You get on a hot streak and rack up some considerable winnings, only to learn that it’s going to take weeks to get your hands on your money. This is exactly what we want to avoid, and it’s why we only suggest sites that payout quickly.

Recommending to you

If a site scores highly in every element of our process, including customer support, it will make the shortlist for our top online poker sites for freerolls. Our team of experts regularly check all our recommendations to ensure each site is still performing well, and to update any information about the freeroll tournaments.

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Freeroll Poker Tournament Strategy

Top tips for freeroll poker

Bet cautiously

Don’t let yourself be baited into going all in unless you have a truly stellar hand.

Set some time aside

Be prepared to spend a long time playing as you wait for other players to be knocked out.

Stay tight

Stay tight - even though the tournament entry is free, there’s real cash on the line.

Bide your time

Start getting aggressive when other players at your table are low on cash.

Casino.org’s Poker Freeroll Verdict

Freeroll poker is great because it gives players the chance to practice their skills in a way that using free play, fake money does not. Since there’s real money on the line, players behave (at least to an extent) more like they would in a cash game or tournament. Here at Casino.org, our experts pride themselves on sourcing the best online poker rooms and serving up every fantastic freeroll they have to offer you in 2022 and beyond.

Poker Freeroll FAQs

Can I win real money from freeroll tournaments?

Absolutely. Although not every freeroll tournament gives away cash (with some instead offering branded merchandise or entry to larger tournaments), many do provide a share or sum of money as their grand prize.

Why do poker sites offer freerolls?

Freeroll tournaments exist primarily to attract new players and get them in the swing of playing poker, entering tournaments and so on. The idea is that players will have so much fun that they’ll want to keep playing afterwards using their own money.

Do I have to deposit money at a site to play freeroll poker?

Not necessarily. Some sites will let any player who has signed up play - though you’ll need to provide proof of your identity before you can claim any prizes - but others will keep freerolls aside for players who have made a deposit or play regularly.

What's the difference between freerolls and free play?

The key difference here is that you’ll never win anything tangible when using play money. A freeroll tournament gives players the chance to compete for real money without having to risk any of their own. You will never win any cash or prizes in free play poker.

Which sites are the best for freerolls?

Any of the sites listed on this page are the best options for players looking to score entries to some freeroll tournaments. Beyond that, they’re also very solid options for playing online poker in general.

What is a poker freeroll password?

Some tournaments require you to enter a special password to access them, which is simply designed to limit the number of players who can compete. Another purpose of holding back passwords is to get you to follow their social media or spend loyalty points. Of course, our exclusive password list will help make sure that you’re always on the guestlist.

How do I get poker freeroll passwords?

You can score freeroll passwords by keeping an eye on this page (or signing up with our recommended poker sites, for that matter). You'll get access to exclusive tournaments that aren’t necessarily available to members of the general public. Our passwords are posted here two hours before the freeroll event is scheduled to begin. You might want to bookmark this page so that you can come back and keep checking for new or recurring freeroll password releases.

Can I play freeroll poker on a mobile or tablet?

Usually you can do so. Many sites allow players to compete using a smartphone or tablet, and even switch between mobile devices and a computer in the middle of a game, but others don’t have any mobile options at all.

How quickly can I withdraw freeroll money?

Withdrawal times can vary. As with all online casinos, the speed of your withdrawal depends on the banking method you choose to use and the provision of the correct documentation, such as ID. You should also be aware that many poker rooms will require you to make at least one deposit into your account in order to withdraw any winnings, even if they were won in a freeroll tournament.

How do freerolls work?

Players can enter a freeroll tournament without having to pay an entry fee, unlike most other real money poker tournaments. Freerolls will be scheduled for a specific time and you may need a password or certain amount of loyalty points to access the room. You can then start placing your bets and hopefully walk away with some real money winnings.