What Is Blackjack Switch?

Although you won’t find the game in many land-based venues, playing Blackjack Switch online is a great way to mix things up. With a few slight changes to the rules, the result is an enticing game that offers savvy players the chance to win big. We’ve covered everything you need to know about the game, from Blackjack Switch rules and how to play to potential payouts, below.

How Do You Play Blackjack Switch?

If you want to get to grips with the standard game first, including finding out more about card values, visit our page on how to play blackjack.

Step 1

The Cards Are Dealt

As usual, the aim is to get as close as possible to 21 without going over it. When you’ve joined a table and placed your bets, you’ll receive two hands of two cards. The dealer will deal one hand for themselves.

Blackjack Switch table
Step 2

Switch? Hit? Stand?

Now it’s up to you to mix and match your cards to create the best starting hands possible. Before you hit (take another card), stand (take no extra cards), double your bet or split your hand (where appropriate), you have the chance to switch two of your cards to create two new hands if you so desire. You will then move ahead with these as if they were two standard blackjack hands.


king and 4 cards
double arrow
jack and 5 cards
Step 3

Finish Up Your Hand

When you’ve finished hitting, splitting and/or doubling your hands, and gotten them as close to 21 as you can, it’s time to click Stand and see whether or not you’re going to win with either of them.

king, 4 and 5 cards
Step 4

The Dealer Plays Their Hand

The dealer will turn over their facedown card and play their hand, just as in a standard game of blackjack, then compare their hand with each of your own in turn. Remember, they hit a soft 17 and can still push your hands with a hand worth 22.

reverse and queen cards

Special Blackjack Switch Rules

Most variants of the game feature a couple of tweaks to traditional Blackjack mechanics, and Blackjack Switch rules are no exception. You’ll want to watch out for the following quirks of the game, so you don’t get tripped up:

  • Dealers will peek for Blackjack when they’re showing an Ace or 10
  • Dealer hits a soft 17 in most games
  • Insurance is available and pays 2/1
  • Blackjack pays 1/1 instead of the usual 3/2
  • When a player switches to create Blackjack, it only counts as 21
  • A dealer hand of 22 pushes against player hands of 21 or less, but a Blackjack can still beat it
  • Players can double down after splitting
  • Decks 6-8
  • Player win 1/1
  • Player Blackjack 1/1
  • Push? Yes
  • Tied Blackjack Push
  • Dealer Stands on ALL 17 No
  • Dealer Stands on soft 17 No
  • Insurance bet pays 2/1
  • Surrender bet No
  • Split Yes
  • Re-split Yes
  • Expert Mode no
  • Double Down Any
  • Multi-Hands 2 by default
  • SIDE BET: A-J spades n/a
  • SIDE BET: A-J any suit n/a
  • SIDE BET: Two suited cards n/a
  • SIDE BET: Any Pair 1/1
  • SIDE BET: 3-of-a-kind 5/1
  • SIDE BET: Red/Black Pair -
  • SIDE BET: Colored Pair -
  • SIDE BET: Perfect Pair -
  • House Edge 0.13%

Free Blackjack Switch Reference Charts - Get Yours!

With some unique Blackjack Switch rules in the mix, changed considerably from the traditional format, the appropriate moves to make with particular hands differ from standard blackjack strategy. And that’s before we even begin to talk about how the ability to switch cards mixes things up! We provide the following reference charts for your convenience so that, until you get a feel for the “correct” move to make in statistical terms, you can consult them when you’re playing Blackjack Switch online.

Pair splitting

Find out when to split your pair into two hands or keep it as it is.

Soft Totals

Make the most of the flexible value of an Ace card.

Hard Totals

Discover the best move for an inflexible hand.

Comparing Blackjack Switch to Other Variants

Despite the change to how blackjack pays out, which you’ll see below, Blackjack Switch boasts one of the lowest house edges of any blackjack variant. That’s a very good thing for players indeed, and helps explain why the game is so popular. You’ll also note that Live Dealer Blackjack Switch is not something that’s widely available.

Blackjack Variants Player Win (payout) Player Blackjack (payout) Live Dealer Mobile RTP
Player Win (payout) 1/1
Player Blackjack (payout) 3/2
Live Dealer Yes
Mobile Yes
RTP 99.6%
Player Win (payout) 1/1
Player Blackjack (payout) 3/2
Live Dealer No
Mobile Yes
RTP 99.65%
Player Win (payout) 1/1
Player Blackjack (payout) 1/1
Live Dealer No
Mobile Yes
RTP 99.87%
Atlantic City
Player Win (payout) 1/1
Player Blackjack (payout) 3/2
Live Dealer Yes
Mobile Yes
RTP 99.6%
Player Win (payout) 1/1
Player Blackjack (payout) 3/2
Live Dealer No
Mobile Yes
RTP 99.58%

How Is Blackjack Switch Different to the Standard Game?

This is probably pretty obvious, but here goes: the biggest difference between playing Blackjack Switch and the standard game is the former allowing players to switch cards between two separate hands, increasing their odds of getting blackjack. This makes for a game that feels instantly familiar but mixes up the action in such a way that it feels genuinely fresh and exciting.

If you’ve ever looked at the hand of a player sitting next to you at the Blackjack table and thought to yourself ‘I wish I had those cards’ then you’ll absolutely love Blackjack Switch. Online casino sites all over the world offer this exciting variant that lets you mix and match your hands to, with a bit of luck, make a killing at the tables.

Maggie Sothern
Casino.org Blackjack Expert

Other Blackjack Variants You Can Play

Playing Blackjack Switch on Mobile

While the idea of using a smaller screen might be intimidating to those hoping to try mobile Blackjack Switch, online casino and poker fans will already know that viewing and managing multiple hands on smartphones and tablets easily becomes second nature. The fairly uncluttered interface of the Blackjack Switch table ports well to mobile devices, though we have to say that the omission of the Super Match side bet would help make things even more clear and spacious

Of all the folks playing Blackjack Switch in 2022, plenty are doing so using the likes of iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone and Android. You’ll find the game available in both dedicated apps and on responsive mobile casino sites but, on the off chance your venue of choice doesn’t offer it, there are always plenty of Blackjack variations to enjoy while you’re on the move.

Playing Blackjack Switch on Mobile

Blackjack Switch Strategy Tips

The game’s unique set of rules means that, when you’re playing Blackjack Switch online, there are some things you’ll want to bear in mind that wouldn’t necessarily be relevant when you’re playing other variations:

Switch, Switch and Switch Again

The great thing about Playtech’s variation, which you'll find is the most commonly available online, is that you can switch cards as many times as you like until you Hit or Stand on one of your hands. This gives you the freedom to take a look at all your options before you act.

Be Careful with Your Bankroll

Remember, you’re effectively betting on two hands every time you sit down to play Blackjack Switch. Online casino fans could soon find themselves wagering large sums just by covering initial stakes then doubling or splitting.

Avoid Insurance (And Side Bets)

As usual, no matter how attractive its 2/1 payout might be, insurance remains an unwise bet based on how often it pays out. The same goes for the Super Match side bet, which has a high house edge to cover its big payouts.

Remember the Quirks

It’s easy to get excited when you see the dealer’s hand reach 22…until you recall that this pushes all player hands except blackjack. Same goes for how player blackjacks only pay 1/1. Always keep these big rule changes in mind!

Where are the best places to play Blackjack Switch for real money?

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