European Blackjack Online

With a couple of key differences from “standard” variations of the game, European Blackjack is a truer reflection of how it’s played in land-based venues in Europe. We’ve found all the best online casinos for you to play at but, before we get into that, you’ll want to check out this page first: we cover everything from how to play the game through to rule differences, payouts and mobile offerings.

How to Play European Blackjack Online

Below we'll take you through European Blackjack step-by-step. If you're completely new to blackjack, we recommend you take a look at our how to play blackjack page to get used to the general rules first

Step 1

Join a Suitable Table

As always, the aim of the game is to get as close as you can to 21 without exceeding it. Once you’ve placed your bets, you’ll receive your cards and the dealer will also deal two cards of their own.

European Blackjack table
Step 2

Hit or Stand?

Look at your hand, possibly consulting basic strategy for European Blackjack in the process, to determine whether you want to hit (receive another card), stand (leave your hand as it is), double your bet or split your hand into more than one. Bear in mind that the dealer may still be concealing a blackjack.


king, 4 and reverse cards


king and 4 cards
Step 3

Finish Up Your Hand

Eventually, the time will come that you’ve improved your hand as much as you possibly can. As long as that hand is equal to or under 21, you’ll remain in the game with a chance to win.

king, 4 and 5 cards
Step 4

The Dealer Reveals Their Hand

Now the dealer will reveal their facedown card and, where appropriate, will hit the hand (but they can’t hit a soft 17 or higher). If your hand beats the value of theirs then you win the round!

reverse and queen cards

Special Rules of European Blackjack Online

When it comes to European Blackjack vs American Blackjack, you won't find any huge differences in the basic rules. But as with any variant of the game, there are a few unique European Blackjack rules that you should know about before you wager any real money at the tables. In addition to those mentioned elsewhere on this page, you’ll want to be aware of the following:

  • Dealers do not check for blackjack when they’re showing an Ace or 10
  • Players can’t split 4s, 5s or 10-value cards
  • Dealer stands on soft 17, but always draws on 16
  • Players lose their total bet if the dealer has blackjack
  • Players can double down after splitting
  • Aces can be split but players only receive one additional card for each Ace
  • It’s possible to take insurance, which remains an ill-advised bet, but surrender is never allowed
  • Decks 6-8
  • Player win 1/1
  • Player Blackjack 3/2
  • Push? Yes
  • Tied Blackjack Push
  • Dealer Stands on ALL 17 Yes
  • Dealer Stands on soft 17 Yes
  • Insurance bet pays 2/1
  • Surrender bet No
  • Split Yes
  • Re-split Yes
  • Expert Mode n/a
  • Double Down 9, 10, 11
  • Multi-Hands 1-3
  • SIDE BET: A-J spades n/a
  • SIDE BET: A-J any suit n/a
  • SIDE BET: Two suited cards n/a
  • SIDE BET: Any Pair n/a
  • SIDE BET: 3-of-a-kind n/a
  • SIDE BET: Red/Black Pair -
  • SIDE BET: Colored Pair -
  • SIDE BET: Perfect Pair -
  • House Edge 0.4-1.%

Free European Blackjack Reference Charts - Get Yours!

Basic blackjack strategy looks pretty similar, but with a few tweaks, regardless of the variant you’re playing. Those differences, however small they might be, mean that it’s worth keeping our reference charts handy for an “at a glance” look at the best moves to make in certain situations that are specific to European Blackjack.

As time goes by, provided you spend a bit of time at the table, you’ll probably commit most information concerning when to hit or stand to memory. In the meantime, however, you can download our reference charts for free!

Pair splitting

Find out when to split your pair into two hands or keep it as it is.

Soft Totals

Make the most of the flexible value of an Ace card.

Hard Totals

Discover the best move for an inflexible hand.

Comparing European Blackjack to Other Variants

Now we’ll take a quick look at some of the potential payouts available in European Blackjack, as well as how they stack up against those of other variations, to give you a better idea of which hands you’ll be trying to chase. Live Dealer European Blackjack may not be available absolutely everywhere, but it is more readily available than some other variants:

Blackjack Variants Player Win (payout) Player Blackjack (payout) Live Dealer Mobile RTP
Player Win (payout) 1/1
Player Blackjack (payout) 3/2
Live Dealer Yes
Mobile Yes
RTP 99.6%
Player Win (payout) 1/1
Player Blackjack (payout) 3/2
Live Dealer No
Mobile Yes
RTP 99.65%
Player Win (payout) 1/1
Player Blackjack (payout) 1/1
Live Dealer No
Mobile Yes
RTP 99.87%
Atlantic City
Player Win (payout) 1/1
Player Blackjack (payout) 3/2
Live Dealer Yes
Mobile Yes
RTP 99.6%
Player Win (payout) 1/1
Player Blackjack (payout) 3/2
Live Dealer No
Mobile Yes
RTP 99.58%

What Does European Blackjack Offer That Other Variants Don't?

The biggest difference between European Blackjack and many other variants is that the dealer is not able to peek at their hole card when Blackjack is a possibility. This means that, in any titles based on the European Blackjack variant, players will need a strong stomach if they plan to double or split when the dealer has an Ace or ten-value card showing.

With the omission of having the dealer check for hole cards that have blackjack potential, European Blackjack is one for all the risk-takers out there. That only makes the game more exciting and wins, especially when you’re betting with a dealer’s Ace or ten-value card in play, feel all the more rewarding.

Maggie Sothern Blackjack Expert

Other Blackjack Variants You Can Play

Playing European Blackjack on Mobile

You should be in luck if you’re looking for the chance to play a mobile version of European Blackjack; online casino sites offer the game via both dedicated mobile apps and responsive versions of their main site on smartphones or tablets.

Whichever option you choose, you’ll be impressed by the job that the top casino software providers have done of translating European Blackjack to the smaller screen. In 2022, mobile games are looking better than ever before, and this game is no exception.

Because there’s a wide range of options available you should have no problem finding opportunities to play European Blackjack, whatever device(s) you use – there are games out there for iPhone and iPad, Android, Windows Phone etc.

Playing European Blackjack on Mobile

European Blackjack Strategy Tips

Your style of play will, or at least it should, change depending on whether you’re playing a different variant or European Blackjack. Online casino fans would do well to consider the following when they sit down to enjoy this game:

Play Cautiously

Despite having a house edge that’s comparable with other blackjack variants, rule changes to European Blackjack mean that it favors players who are particularly careful with how and when they bet big

Think Carefully About Splitting (and Doubling)

If you have a very strong hand, such as two Aces, you might still consider splitting. Just keep an eye on whether the dealer’s face up card is hiding a possible unchecked Blackjack.

Insurance Is Still A Bad Bet

Although it might appear attractive, experts agree that insurance bets don’t work out often enough to make them worth taking advantage of. That’s as true here as it is in other variations of the game.

Give A Strategy A Go

As you know, memorizing strategy charts is the easiest way to increase your chances of making the right move. When playing at a land casino, card counting is also a great– although slightly more risky - way to up your odds of winning.

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