What Is Perfect Pairs Blackjack?

Playing Perfect Blackjack, or Perfect Pairs Blackjack, online is a great way to enjoy a game that feels instantly familiar but has enough exciting side bets and multi-hand potential to satisfy high rollers and those with an appetite for risk. Beyond that, it’s simply an attractive and appealing recreation of the classic game. We'll take you through all sorts of information, covering everything from specific Perfect Blackjack rules through to payouts and what to expect when playing on mobile.

How To Play Perfect Blackjack

Here we'll take you through the four simple steps to start playing. However, if you're completely new to blackjack, you might want to check out our page on how to play blackjack.

Step 1

Place Your Bets

The goal with Perfect Blackjack is to get as close as possible to, but not exceed, 21. After joining a suitable table, you’ll need to decide how many hands you’re going to play and whether or not you plan to place any side bets, particularly on being dealt a pair of matching cards as your initial hand.

Perfect Blackjack table
Step 2

Making Your Move

The cards will be dealt, and depending on basic strategy, and/or your gut feeling, it’s time to consider whether you’re going to hit (accept another card), stand (stick with the hand you have), double your bet or split your hand(s). At this point you'll also discover whether any of your perfect pairs bets have paid off. Remember that the dealer must draw to 16 but stands on all 17s.


king, 4 and reverse cards


king and 4 cards
Step 3

Finish Your Turn

When you’re satisfied that your hand(s) is/are as close to 21 as possible, hit Stand.

king, 4 and 5 cards
Step 4

The Dealer's Turn

The dealer will now turn over their facedown card and, if appropriate, hit the hand with additional cards. When their turn is over, you’ll be able to see who has won and (if it’s you!) can collect your winnings.

reverse and queen cards

Special Rules of Perfect Blackjack

Aside from the most obvious feature of Perfect Blackjack rules that differentiate it from other variants, namely that it features additional optional side bets, the main elements of the game will feel pretty familiar. There are just a few things to bear in mind:

  • Dealer must draw to 16 but stands on 17
  • Players can double down after splitting
  • Split hands cannot be re-split
  • When splitting Aces, players get only one additional card
  • Dealer will peek for blackjack in the appropriate situations
  • Insurance is offered, but is not recommended
  • Place side bets on having a mixed pair (two cards with the same number, any suit), a colored pair (two cards of the same color and same number) or prefect pair (two identical cards) as your first two cards
  • Place the 21 + 3 side bet if you'd like to incorporate a bit of a poker element. Your two cards make a hand with the dealer's up card. If these form either a flush, straight, three-of-a-kind or straight flush you'll win!
  • Decks 6
  • Player win 1/1
  • Player Blackjack 3/2
  • Push? Yes
  • Tied Blackjack Push
  • Dealer Stands on ALL 17 Yes
  • Dealer Stands on soft 17 Yes
  • Insurance bet pays 2/1
  • Surrender bet No
  • Split Yes
  • Re-split No
  • Expert Mode No
  • Double Down Any
  • Multi-Hands Yes
  • SIDE BET: A-J spades -
  • SIDE BET: A-J any suit -
  • SIDE BET: Two suited cards -
  • SIDE BET: Any Pair -
  • SIDE BET: 3-of-a-kind -
  • SIDE BET: Red/Black Pair 6/1
  • SIDE BET: Colored Pair 12/1
  • SIDE BET: Perfect Pair 25/1
  • House Edge 0.42%

Free Perfect Pairs Blackjack Reference Charts - Get Yours!

Strategy for blackjack variations overlaps significantly, unless there are huge changes to the rules like those in Blackjack Switch. But there are always minor differences that you should know about if you’re trying to play things “by the numbers”, i.e. using statistics to achieve victory as often as possible. In time you’ll probably learn all of the correct moves to make when you have different hands but, until then, you can consult our free reference charts to improve your Perfect Blackjack strategy:

Pair splitting

Find out when to split your pair into two hands or keep it as it is.

Soft Totals

Make the most of the flexible value of an Ace card.

Hard Totals

Discover the best move for an inflexible hand.

Comparing Perfect Blackjack to Other Variants

As you’ll see below, the payouts in Blackjack Perfect Pairs are pretty standard in that they line up with those of most other blackjack variations. The only exception is those lucrative, but dangerous, Player’s Pair and Dealer Pair side bets. You’ll also note that Perfect Pairs Blackjack online with a Live Dealer isn’t something that’s at all common.

Blackjack Variants Player Win (payout) Player Blackjack (payout) Live Dealer Mobile RTP
Player Win (payout) 1/1
Player Blackjack (payout) 3/2
Live Dealer Yes
Mobile Yes
RTP 99.6%
Player Win (payout) 1/1
Player Blackjack (payout) 3/2
Live Dealer No
Mobile Yes
RTP 99.65%
Player Win (payout) 1/1
Player Blackjack (payout) 1/1
Live Dealer No
Mobile Yes
RTP 99.87%
Atlantic City
Player Win (payout) 1/1
Player Blackjack (payout) 3/2
Live Dealer Yes
Mobile Yes
RTP 99.6%
Player Win (payout) 1/1
Player Blackjack (payout) 3/2
Live Dealer No
Mobile Yes
RTP 99.58%

What Makes Perfect Pairs Blackjack Different to Other Variants?

The addition of pair bets to this great multi-hand variant is what sets Perfect Pair Blackjack apart. Online casino sites love being able to offer the game because of the higher house edge associated with its side bets, but it’s possible for players to do extremely well if they land a lucrative Perfect side bet win.

Perfect Blackjack is an interesting specimen because it marries a very fine replica of the game with some dicey side bets that aren’t for the faint of heart. Overall it makes for a very satisfying recipe in that the game can, to a certain extent, be as risky or as safe as you like.

Maggie Sothern
Casino.org Blackjack Expert

Other Blackjack Variants You Can Play

Playing Perfect Blackjack on Mobile

You may want to take this game on the go with you if you get a taste for blackjack with the Perfect Pairs side bet. Online casino apps and sites optimized for use on mobile devices, like tablets and smartphones, regularly feature the game.

The minimal design of the table means that, if you’re looking to enjoy blackjack on the go, you can’t go wrong with this variant. You can usually play Blackjack Perfect Pairs for free or using real cash, and we’d recommend taking the game for a spin in practice mode first if you’re not used to playing on the smaller screen size of tablets (e.g. iPad) or smartphones (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone etc.).

Playing Perfect Blackjack on Mobile

Perfect Blackjack Strategy Tips

You’ll usually need to tweak your playing style whenever you’re playing a different variation of blackjack, and that’s certainly true of playing Perfect Blackjack online. We’d recommend that you bear the following tips in mind when you join a table:

Watch for Pairs

The random nature of how the cards are dealt when playing online means that it’s difficult to predict your odds of getting a perfect pair, but it’s still interesting to keep a note of when you’ve experienced a long drought of pairs.

Be Careful with Side Bets

The pairs side bets in Perfect Blackjack are a lot of fun, and they’re the main thing that sets the game apart from other variations. But remember - they have a high house edge and can be costly if you try to play them all the time.

As Usual, Avoid Insurance

No matter how appealing taking out insurance might, it’s still not a bet that those in the industry will ever recommend. Of course, it will remain on tables as long as people keep playing it!

Explore Other Variations

With a house edge that’s comparable with European and Atlantic City variations, Perfect Blackjack doesn’t have the worst or best odds for blackjack. Unless you’re a huge fan of pair side bets, consider others too.

Where are the best places to play Blackjack Perfect for real money?

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