A Guide to Understanding Roulette Odds

Roulette is a game of chance, so gaining an understanding of the odds and terminology involved is crucial. Get on top of the different bets you can place with our roulette payout guide, and find out:

  • How to calculate your odds in roulette
  • How the different roulette bet types work
  • How different roulette variations affect the odds
  • How to play the roulette wheel to your advantage

Calculate your Roulette Winnings with our Roulette Payout Guide

Our roulette payout chart shows the odds and types of bets for both European and American roulette.

The potential payout odds in roulette are stated in the form of x:1. This means you’ll win x dollars for every 1 dollar you bet. For example, a single-number bet offers a payout of 35:1. So, if you win, you’ll get your dollar back plus $35.

How to calculate roulette payouts

All the calculations are done for you in our roulette payout guide, so you can find your roulette winnings at a glance.

However, if you’re curious about the math, divide the number 36 by the number of squares your bet covers. Then subtract 1 from that figure to get the payout odds. For example, a three number bet means dividing 36 by 3 to get 12, then subtracting 1 to equal 11. The payout rate for a three numbers bet is therefore 11:1, meaning a $10 bet would result in a $110 payout.

Roulette Bet Type Example Roulette Bet Potential Payout European Roulette Odds American Roulette Odds
Column Any number in the third column 2:1 32.40% 31.6%
Dozen Any of 13 to 24 2:1 32.40% 31.6%
Even bets Black over red 1:1 48.60% 47.4%
Single number 7 35:1 2.70% 2.60%
Two numbers Either 19 or 20 17:1 5.4% 5.3%
Three numbers Any of 28, 29 or 30 11:1 8.1% 7.9%
Four numbers Any of 5, 6, 8 or 9 8:1 10.8% 10.5%
Five numbers Any of 0, 00, 1, 2, or 3 6:1 13.5% 13.2%
Six Numbers Any of 4 to 9 5:1 16.2% 15.8%
Roulette Odds

What are Odds in Roulette?

The betting odds in roulette of hitting a single number with a straight-up bet are 37 to 1, since there are 38 numbers (1 to 36, plus 0 and 00). However, the house only pays out 35 to 1 on winning bets, with the same odds for payouts on combination bets. So, the house edge is substantial, but hitting on roulette can see you win big!

Roulette Bet Types

Roulette bets fall into two main categories – inside and outside bets – with the names coming from the table layout.

What is an outside bet?

An outside bet (for example odd or even, red or black, 1-18 or 19-36) often gives players the best chance of a payout. Half of the possible outcomes of a game of roulette are covered by 'outside bets'. With such a high chance of winning, your payout isn’t going to be incredibly generous - it's usually 1:1.

Other outside bets with a slightly better payout are column and dozen, which cover 12 of the numbers on the roulette wheel. These give you roughly a 1 in 3 chance of winning, and a payout of 2:1.

There are a number of bets which are “outside” the 38 numbers on an American roulette table. These bets refer to a specific set of numbers or colors. If the roulette ball lands on 0 or 00, any outside bet will lose. Examples of outside bets include:

Red or Black - This bet pays out at even odds (1:1) if the ball lands on the roulette color you choose.

Odd or Even - This bet pays out at even odds (1:1) if you correctly call the ball landing on odd or even.

Low or High - The payout will be even odds (1:1) if the ball lands on 1-18 and you’ve bet low, or if the ball lands on 19-36 and you’ve bet high.

Column - Your roulette winnings will be paid out at 2:1 if the ball lands on one of the numbers in the column you choose. The numbers on a roulette layout are organised into three columns of 12 numbers each.

Dozens - The payout will be 2:1 if you successfully bet on the roulette ball landing on either the first dozen (1-12), second dozen (13-24) or third dozen (25-36).

Outside Bet Odds

Roulette Bet Types Potential Payout European Roulette Odds American Roulette Odds
Red or Black 1:1 48.65% 47.37%
Odd or Even 1:1 48.65% 47.37%
High or Low 1:1 48.65% 47.37%
Column 2:1 32.4% 31.6%
Dozen 2:1 32.4% 31.6%

What is an inside bet?

Inside bets refer to specific numbers and sets of numbers on the inside of the roulette betting table. They have a lower chance of winning than outside bets, but this is balanced by a larger payout. The house edge on inside bets is the same as on outside bets. Examples of inside bets include:

Straight-up - The payout will be 35:1 (with a percentage chance of 2.7% in European roulette and 2.6% in American roulette) as you are betting on one specific number. This is also called a single-number bet.

Split - The payout will be 17:1 (with a percentage chance of 5.4% in European roulette and 5.3% in American roulette) as you are betting on two adjacent numbers.

Street - The payout will be 11:1 (with a percentage chance of 8.1% in European roulette and 7.9% in American roulette) as you are betting on a row of three numbers (i.e. 19, 20, 21).

Corner - The payout will be 8:1 (with a percentage chance of 10.8% for European roulette and 10.5% for American roulette) as you are betting on four numbers by placing your chip in the corner that joins them all together (essentially the centre of four numbers). This is also called a square bet or quarter bet.

Basket - The payout will be 6:1 (with a percentage chance of 13.2% in American roulette, this bet is not found in European roulette) as you are betting on five numbers (i.e. 0, 00, 1, 2, 3).

Double Street - The payout will be 5:1 (with a percentage chance of 16.2% in European roulette and 15.8% in American roulette) as you are betting on two adjoining rows of numbers (six numbers in total). This is also called a line bet.

Inside Bet Odds

Roulette Bet Types Potential Payout European Roulette Odds American Roulette Odds
Straight Bet 35:1 2.7% 2.6%
Split Bet 17:1 5.4% 5.3%
Street Bet 11:1 8.1% 7.9%
Corner Bet 8:1 10.8% 10.5%
Basket Bet 6:1 n/a 13.2%
Double Street Bet 5:1 16.2% 15.8%

What is a called bet?

If you're playing the European or French variations of the game, you'll also be able to play something known as a called bet. Called bets vary from the above bets in that they are grouped according to positions on the classic roulette wheel, rather than the table. Here are a few examples of called bets:

Fixed Called Bets:

Neighbors of Zero - A bet on all 17 numbers near to the green zero.

Thirds of the Wheel - A bet on 12 numbers which are found adjacent to the neighbors of zero.

Zero Game - A bet on seven numbers near to the green zero.

The Orphans - A bet on any of the numbers which are not covered by the other called bets.

Variable Called Bets:

The Neighbors - A bet on 5 adjacent numbers

The Finals - A bet on the last digit (e.g. 5 would be a bet on 5, 15, 25, 35)

How to Beat Roulette by Improving Your Odds

The house edge on an American roulette wheel is 5.26%, so having a good grasp of the odds involved is key if you want to improve your odds of winning.

There isn’t a solution for how to win roulette on every spin. However, there are ways to maximise your winnings in roulette, giving yourself a better chance of that all-important payout. For a full insight, check out our page on roulette strategy, but to get you started, here are a few tips from our experts:


Know your roulette odds

Understanding live roulette odds

The odds of different bets placed in roulette vary massively, so if you're looking to make the most of your bankroll you'll definitely need to know your odds. Read our roulette payout guide to find odds for different types of roulette bets before you begin.


Choose your roulette game wisely

Variations of roulette

If you're torn between American, French or European roulette, make sure you look into the different odds of each variation before you begin. Finding out whether your game of choice has a roulette 00 on the wheel could be the difference between a costly loss and a big win.


Place outside bets to improve your chances

Placing outside bets in roulette

If you want to the best possible chance of winning at roulette, outside bets are the way to go, as they pay out more frequently. Stick to the table's minimum bet if you want to stay safe. Placing two equal outside bets – for example on black and odd – is a relatively low risk way of giving yourself a chance of a payout. Betting like this won’t dramatically increase your roulette winnings, but it's a fun way to play without losing big sums of cash.


Play European roulette

European roulette layout

European roulette has the lowest house edge of all roulette variants, so opt for it if you can. European roulette wheels can be found at all the top Las Vegas casinos and at many online casinos too.

Download Your Free Roulette Odds Cheat Sheet

Keep the facts and figures close by, with our quick guide to roulette odds. Simply click to download the free pdf and save it to your device.

It’ll help you understand how roulette odds work, and how inside and outside bet types affect the odds. You can also see the different table layouts for American and European roulette, as well as the payouts on the types of bet you make.

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How good are the odds in roulette?

Overall, roulette odds are fairly good. European roulette has the best odds with a house edge of just 2.64%. This describes on average how often a player will lose on a single bet.

What are the best odds in roulette?

The bets with the best odds in roulette are outside bets on either even or odd, red or black or numbers 1-18 or 19-36. Each of these has a 1:1 payout.

What is the best bet in roulette?

If you’re looking for the thrill of a big roulette win, a straight-up bet would be your best bet, as it pays out at 35:1. If you intend to play roulette for a longer period, or you prefer smaller, more frequent wins, an outside bet on red or black would help your money last longer. Read up on the odds of various bets to find the bet with the right balance for you.

What are the odds of hitting red or black in roulette?

The odds of hitting red or black in American roulette are 47.4%. This rises slightly in European roulette, to 48.6%. In both cases, your roulette winnings would be paid out at 1:1.

How much does green pay in roulette?

Betting on green pays out either 35 to 1 or 17 to 1, depending on the roulette variation you're playing and your bet. In American roulette, the wheel features a green 0 and 00, while the European version just has the single green 0. If you bet on 0 or 00 on an American wheel, and your bet hits, you'll get a payout of 35 to 1. If you place a "row" bet (betting on both 0 and 00), and your bet hits, you'll get a payout of 17 to 1. As the European wheel only has the one green 0, you can only place a single bet, however it's the same 35 to 1 payout as the American version if your bet hits.

Is there a way to determine which color will hit more frequently in roulette?

No, there is an equal chance of either red or black. On a European roulette wheel, 18 numbers are red and 18 are black.

Can a roulette betting system improve your odds?

Many players use betting systems to give themselves a better chance of winning. However, as with any game of chance, there's no foolproof way to improve your odds. To maximize your chances of a payout, we recommend you follow the tips listed right here!

Can maths help you win at roulette?

The truth is that players can’t always win at roulette, even when they understand the associated odds. Learning about odds is simply a way of improving your chances by placing the smartest bet.

Does the house always win in roulette?

The house doesn’t always win, though the game is designed so that the house has an advantage. No matter what casino game you play, the odds of the casino winning are always greater than the odds of the player winning.

What is the highest payout in roulette?

The highest payout in roulette is 35:1. You’d receive your roulette winnings at this ratio if you correctly predicted the exact number that the roulette ball landed on. This is referred to as a straight-up or single number bet.

Can you win money playing roulette?

Yes, it’s possible to win money playing roulette when luck is on your side. Particularly in European roulette, where the house edge is only 2.64%, it’s perfectly feasible to beat the casino over the course of a session. However, the house edge means that casinos would still be expected to win in the long-run.

What is a roulette bet called?

There are a huge range of roulette bets, each with their own name, likelihood of occurring and potential payout. A single number bet is the most straightforward. As the name suggests, it involves betting on roulette ball landing on a single specific number.

What is an outside bet?

An outside bet in roulette is any bet that sits outside the central numbers on a roulette table. Examples include odd or even, red or black, and low (1-18) or high (19-36). In each of these examples, your roulette winnings would be paid out at 1:1.

Roulette Odds: